I regret little, but in looking back I am disappointed at my not participating in a reflection project for 2011. That year was so excruciating and painful and joyful and liberating and full that it is very much a blur of change. I should have recorded some part of it - though a peek into my December Daily 2011 will certainly give an indication to why the project did not get completed!

I enjoyed participating in reverb10 which resulted in a beautiful blog, a wonderful keepsake album and a collection of incredible memories - fully recorded. For 2010, I will always remember where I was and where I was planning on going. I want to go through that same exercise again for 2012. This past year was equally worth remembering.

Not that I have an abundance of time this year, but I do have a great desire, so that will have to do! I have curated a number of prompts from many resources. Those I've selected can be found below as well as a few of my own, they have each been attributed as best I can.

05 December 2012

day five | worthy

prompt: worthy

Who have you taken for granted? Write to them a handwritten note expressing how you truly feel about them. Then mail it. I promise, it will be the best gift they ever receive, or you ever give. (Author: Me) 

+ + + + + 

I finished writing, had it all done when I realized my first sentence of that response was wrong. I do take for granted a number of people. It’s not that I’m not grateful for their presence or their work; it’s just that I take them for granted.

Who am I talking about?

The pharmacist who takes such great care of me and the kids. She is lovely, knows me by name, asks about my kids and organized that I get double my prescription so I don’t have to come by as often.

ChloĆ©’s brilliant vocal and piano teacher who deals with us and our crazy schedules. Janet always has a kind word and high expectation of ChloĆ© and her ability to perform vocally and her newfound interest in the keyboard.  The same can be said for Cole’s vocal teacher, Greg!

The new receptionist at school who I see often - too much, really! We greet each other with recognition and bright smiles. She always remembers that my surname is different from that of my kids and lets them know I’ve dropped off keys, instruments, gym clothes or other forgotten gear.

The myriad of faculty and staff at the kids’ school, the majority of whom are supportive and kind to all of my kids. There are so many who are so incredible, I don’t know that I have thanked each of them properly for their impact on my kids and helped mold their character moving forward. I can only hope so, but I really need to be more mindful.

Every Monday morning, at 9AM sharp, a group of ladies in blue polo shirts and khaki’s show up at my door to clean my house. Without Bernice and her crew, I don’t know what I’d do! I keep the house tidy – they keep it clean.

I know that everyone mentioned is paid well to do their jobs but I don’t know that I adequately express to them how much their presence in my life, and that of my kids, is appreciated, daily.

Otherwise? There are people who drop out of my life due to circumstance and just that little bit too much time goes by that I feel badly for not reconnecting and sometimes just let things drop. I don’t know how best to reconnect and it’s easier to think, “well, they could call me, too”. I always love it when people drop back into my life, so maybe I should figure out who I should drop in on.

At the top of that list is my friend, Kiri. She is such a lovely woman. I admire her strength of character, her quirky expressions, her kind heart, her love of family, her conviction to her religious beliefs, and her graceful manner. Kiri was here last December for the whirlwind that was the full move into our new townhome and sale of our big old house. She then returned with her family over Christmas because we couldn’t get away to see her family in North Carolina. There was just so much for me to do that I was overwhelmed with my life, my responsibilities, my sadness, my fear, my bills! I was just all too much for me to take in. I’ve been a horrible friend and just too raw to be engaged. I hope she forgives me.
That letter is in the mail.

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  1. Love how you looked round and saw those wonderful people, Lee. Really gave me pause.

    I had a tiny awakening today as I thought about those who I take for granted... Thanks for this. It is making a HUGE difference in my Life.