I regret little, but in looking back I am disappointed at my not participating in a reflection project for 2011. That year was so excruciating and painful and joyful and liberating and full that it is very much a blur of change. I should have recorded some part of it - though a peek into my December Daily 2011 will certainly give an indication to why the project did not get completed!

I enjoyed participating in reverb10 which resulted in a beautiful blog, a wonderful keepsake album and a collection of incredible memories - fully recorded. For 2010, I will always remember where I was and where I was planning on going. I want to go through that same exercise again for 2012. This past year was equally worth remembering.

Not that I have an abundance of time this year, but I do have a great desire, so that will have to do! I have curated a number of prompts from many resources. Those I've selected can be found below as well as a few of my own, they have each been attributed as best I can.

12 December 2012

day twelve | joy

prompt: joy

What activity or event brings you the most joy? How will you bring more joy into your life next year? (Author: Me) 

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It’s so hard to pick one thing that brings me joy. Over the last year I’ve made a conscious effort to change my attitude. There is joy to be found in even the most mundane of chores. I now find a level of joy in everything from emptying the dishwasher to lunch with friends. I’ve made a conscious effort to engage in things I enjoy and make things I don’t naturally like enjoyable.

I find little joy in cooking, but with my new focus on healthy and clean eating, I’ve been able to find joy in exploring new recipes, new-to-me foods and new palate experiences. Proof positive that joy can be found in the things you most loathe, it just depends on your outlook :)

What brings me joy, naturally, is spending time with my family and with my friends. I’d like to make more of an effort to see my friends. Go to lunch. Meet for wine. Play cards or games. Maybe even head out to the movies. I want to become more social and more open.

What brings me joy, naturally, is spending time with my camera in fun places. I like taking photo walks and I should do that more. If it’s still there, I’d like to go to the art room at BSS filled with light and lead glass windows. I’d like to go to the St. Lawrence Market. I’d like to go to Union Station. I’d like to go to Chinatown, Greektown, Little Italy and a few festivals. All venues are in Toronto, I’m sensing a theme.

What brings me joy, naturally, is a clean and organized home filled with the people and things I love. I want to take my time this year, now that the heavy lifting has been complete, and finish things off. Who knows, I may even replace my 15+ year old dishes!

What brings me joy, naturally, is writing. I think it’s time to figure out what I want to do with that particular skill which is one of my great passions. Time to figure out a plan – and then execute it!

What brings me joy, naturally, is time alone. I’d like to spend some time alone away from home. Just me. Someplace away from the noise and pressure to regroup and recharge.

Joy is found in just about everything - with a bit of reframing, anything can hold at least a little joy. Right now I want to find joy in places where I don’t have to work too hard to discover it!

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