I regret little, but in looking back I am disappointed at my not participating in a reflection project for 2011. That year was so excruciating and painful and joyful and liberating and full that it is very much a blur of change. I should have recorded some part of it - though a peek into my December Daily 2011 will certainly give an indication to why the project did not get completed!

I enjoyed participating in reverb10 which resulted in a beautiful blog, a wonderful keepsake album and a collection of incredible memories - fully recorded. For 2010, I will always remember where I was and where I was planning on going. I want to go through that same exercise again for 2012. This past year was equally worth remembering.

Not that I have an abundance of time this year, but I do have a great desire, so that will have to do! I have curated a number of prompts from many resources. Those I've selected can be found below as well as a few of my own, they have each been attributed as best I can.

31 December 2012

day twenty nine | view

prompt: view

Imagine that you can view yourself from above. Watch carefully. What are you doing? What are you trying to accomplish? As objectively as possible, are you going in the right direction? (Author: Me)

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For this prompt, I think I'll engage my inner critic and unleash it, a little bit.

Dear Lee,

As I watch you, from high on my perch up above your beloved bookshelves in the living room, I see you wearing that awful black sweater, sitting at your desk working on your computer. Always at your desk. Always working on your computer. What keeps you so busy? It's not like you're being paid to write, it's not a job, you're not doing anything important. The chair isn't even comfortable!

From here I can see many piles of paper and magazines; magazines and paper. Why are they in piles? Are you keeping them, throwing them out, filing? You keep wanting to live in an uncluttered environment and yet you keep bringing in clutter. Paper, paper, everywhere there is paper.

From here I can see your sneakers. Unworn in what, three or four days? How are you going to take off that disgusting weight if you don't move more? The kids are on holiday and that's no excuse, you have to get up from the desk and lace up those sneakers and move. Go out the front door.

From here I can see rows of books, piles of them in no particular order, just waiting to be read. What are you waiting for? They won't read themselves. You keep buying them but never read them. What a waste.
From here I can see your camera. When was the last time you used the DSLR? Captured more than a simple snapshot?

From here I can see dirty dishes in the sink. It's nice to see that you've finally started eating breakfast but you have to clean up after yourself.

Get it together, woman! 
Frustrated beyond belief,
Your inner critic

Dear Inner Critic,

I am doing the best I can with what I have where I am right now. I am saddened but undeterred by all the criticisms. I am going in the right direction. It will all come in time. I live in hope.

Peace and patience,

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  1. You tell that inner critic to p*** o** and from out here, it looks to me like you are doing LOTS and making head way. Cheers to 2013, forward is always the right direction :-)