I regret little, but in looking back I am disappointed at my not participating in a reflection project for 2011. That year was so excruciating and painful and joyful and liberating and full that it is very much a blur of change. I should have recorded some part of it - though a peek into my December Daily 2011 will certainly give an indication to why the project did not get completed!

I enjoyed participating in reverb10 which resulted in a beautiful blog, a wonderful keepsake album and a collection of incredible memories - fully recorded. For 2010, I will always remember where I was and where I was planning on going. I want to go through that same exercise again for 2012. This past year was equally worth remembering.

Not that I have an abundance of time this year, but I do have a great desire, so that will have to do! I have curated a number of prompts from many resources. Those I've selected can be found below as well as a few of my own, they have each been attributed as best I can.

09 December 2012

day nine | spontaneity

prompt: spontaneity

What was your last act of spontaneity? (Author: Me) 

+ + + + + 

I would not call myself a spontaneous person. I try it more in fits and starts. Spontaneity requires a bit of abandon and recklessness that is not inherent to my personality, but I’m trying. In fact, I have been trying A LOT!

Lately I’ve done THREE rather impulsive things. Of the “what was I thinking” variety :)

ONE | I signed myself up for tennis lessons. Every time I log onto Pinterest or Facebook I’m overwhelmed with statistics posted by friends about running. Nothing interests me less than running, but I felt incredible pressure to conform – and fail. I don’t know what took me so long but one day I looked up tennis lessons and booked myself in with a pro to get me back into playing shape. If I’m going to exercise it’s going to be on my terms doing something I love – not something everyone else is doing.

TWO | Following the lead of Jo Maz – one of the mums at school – I’ve organized an all-inclusive lunch for the mums (and dads, too) of kids in our middle school. The invitation went out to 88 addresses. At last count there will be about half that number attending! Yikes! With such an enthusiastic response, clearly this is something long overdue. Now my job is to find a suitable venue to accommodate all of us in January.

THREE | Do you ever meet someone and know that you know them, though you’ve never met them before? When I met Helen at a gathering at Elaine’s home I had an immediate sense that we’ve known each other forever. She calls it a “kindred spirit” meeting another and she may be right. Helen was in the front room reading cards. Now, my fascination with reading of cards, tea leaves, palms goes back to my childhood. When Helen read my cards I was fascinated. It was remarkable and cathartic. I’ve signed up for seven appointments with her. I cannot wait to enjoy this new experience! 

Though impulsive, and perhaps silly, I’m happy to explore some things - old and new. It certainly is invigorating and I do enjoy the risk factor, though, in my case the risk is controlled. It’s not like I’m jumping out of a plane or anything! (Um, no.)

For a while now, for my kids, I’ve let go of the word “should” and use the word “yes” more. I think it’s high time I do the same for myself and just follow my heart and do what I want to do and not worry about conforming to the expectations of others.

A very hard thing for an A-type eldest, but it’s been fun so far!

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