I regret little, but in looking back I am disappointed at my not participating in a reflection project for 2011. That year was so excruciating and painful and joyful and liberating and full that it is very much a blur of change. I should have recorded some part of it - though a peek into my December Daily 2011 will certainly give an indication to why the project did not get completed!

I enjoyed participating in reverb10 which resulted in a beautiful blog, a wonderful keepsake album and a collection of incredible memories - fully recorded. For 2010, I will always remember where I was and where I was planning on going. I want to go through that same exercise again for 2012. This past year was equally worth remembering.

Not that I have an abundance of time this year, but I do have a great desire, so that will have to do! I have curated a number of prompts from many resources. Those I've selected can be found below as well as a few of my own, they have each been attributed as best I can.

07 December 2012

day seven | 7 minutes

prompt: 7 minutes

Imagine you will completely lose your memory of 2012 in 7 minutes. Set an alarm for 7 minutes and capture the things you most want to remember about 2012. (Author: Patty Digh, with an extra 2 minutes from me!) 

+ + + + + 

Most of my memories involve my children. They really are everything to me and even the challenging moments I hope to remember forever. The kids when we got the new television set, arguing over who was going to set it up. Chloé singing the national anthem - unaccompanied - at the Dads vs Habs game at Sixteen Mile Arena and Claire's joy when she met Guy Lafleur. The fear I felt when I received the mean-spirited call from SP regarding the bullying situation Cole was victimized by in at school and the joy when the bus pulled away for the choir trip - with Cole on board. Caden's face and beaming smile when he saw the new truck. Chloé at her first recital all nervous and happy. The day Harvey's finally opened on the corner. Cole's face, and huge hug, when he realized I was going to allow him to leave hockey - for good. "SHOTGUN" Claire and her neverending pursuit of the perfect everything: dress, shoes, bag - exhausting! GREASE! The endless rehearsals and then the final performance with Cole as Teen Angel. Wonderful. Caden getting so tall - and keeps growing! GLASSES all around - except Ms. 20/20. The air in Tucson, the lillies in the pond and the flowering cacti all over Canyon Ranch. Laughing with my sister, Beth and the regular calls. Claire when she locked the keys in the truck while we were in Darien Lake and the resulting teenage belligerence that accompanied her lack of apology. Oh the drama. "I love you, Mama" responded with "I love you more". Chloé's devastation when her girl"friends" from school turned out to be quite the opposite. Caden's love and talent playing football - both offence and defence. The bass clarinet discovery. Claire's stories from Europe. The kids feeling abandoned: and they're right. Sometimes the most positive lessons come from the most negative experiences. Enjoying those Monday shifts at the College Shop and the lovely ladies I got to spend some time with on those days. Claire driving. Gasp! Easter with Wanda and her family. Chloé won the Middle School arts award! Talks, so many good talks with my kids, with my Dad, with Wanda. Taking Claire to the ball diamond - whether she was playing or not. The drama of prom. Ugh. The concussion that wouldn't go away, poor Cole. Caden started at Appleby! All four at the same school. Relief that the bullies were not coming back.  "Deployment Syndrome". Broken teeth - at acting? Seriously? The kids ALL started to enjoy Chinese and Japanese food. Hallelujah! ROAD TRIPS: Cape Cod & Maritimes. SUCH great opportunities for us to be together. Things in a Box. Brené Brown, Maya Angelou and "We Are All Enough" chapel speech. Didn't get the job :( All of my kids can sing! XM Radio and alternative rock - love that we can all listen to the same radio ...

That's it. 7 minutes.


  1. What a great exercise! Looking forward to writing my answers this weekend - didn't realize that my travel schedule was going to interfere with my reverb-ing. Ack!

  2. Wow this is an excellent exercise. I'll have to give it a whirl.

  3. This is a great prompt. I think I'm going to borrow it if you don't mind. And thanks for sending the cookbook. It arrived last week. Looking forward to trying some new recipes!